New at Narrative: Joey Guidici, Office Operations Manager

by Zeke Sexauer, on August 23, 2019

Joey Guidici is currently Narrative's Office Operations Manager, but as a child, his career ambitions had him on a slightly different trajectory. As the grandson of two Las Vegas showpeople, Joey spent 10 years training to be a singer in order to follow in their footsteps.

As Office Operations Manager, Joey is responsible for fostering productivity and maintaining an enjoyable work environment, while managing day to day operations. Additionally, he provides administrative and project management support, works with hiring managers to recruit and onboard new talent, and implements new systems, policies, and processes that help grow our business and set our employees up for success.

Prior to joining Narrative, Joey worked as an Operations Manager for the global non-profit Acumen Fund, where he assisted the CFO, built out processes, managed vendor relations, and tightened up day-to-day operations in the New York and London offices. Before that, he worked as an Operations Administrator and Training Coordinator for One Medical Group, where he trained the administrative staff and created patient-centered workflows and mental health referral processes to better address the needs of their NYC patient demographic.

Outside of the office, Joey spends his time working with a nonprofit that offers peer-led group counseling services, attending as many live concerts and theater performances as he can, and playing with every dog he sees walking down the street!

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