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Get even deeper insights into your datasets

by Narrative, on September 28, 2022

Dataset Manager is your one stop shop for analyzing and understanding the underlying structure of your data.  

In the Dataset Manager app, a few updates have been made that allow users to gain extra insights into underlying data, troubleshoot dataset ingestion, and easily share data through dataset sample downloads.

Every dataset has its own page and every page has the ability to:

  • See a dataset’s metadata (file type, field types, tags, description, etc) 
  • Download a sample file for further analysis (in CSV)
  • Troubleshoot ingestion issues with an ingestion history queue
  • Edit metadata around sensitive fields
  • View field-level statistics such as count, min, and max

With these capabilities, users are able to: 

  • View basic statistics and sample data for their datasets in order to identify and troubleshoot ingestion problems. 
  • Download a sample dataset to send to a buyer.
  • Mark a field as sensitive that they forgot to mark during ingestion.
  • Evaluate individual fields in a dataset to understand completeness and quality.
  • Examine the sample data for a dataset that they have purchased, in order to preview and validate the format of the underlying data before downloading or ingesting to their cloud

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