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How IdenX uses Narrative to quickly purchase numerous relevant data points

by Narrative, on July 26, 2022

Narrative allows IdenX to cherry-pick the data they need from hundreds of billions of raw data points and from multiple suppliers at once.

The Challenge 

IdenX helps companies deliver exceptional business results by generating insights with leading AI technology and industry-specific knowledge. To deliver the best solutions to their customers, IdenX requires an extensive list of data points that spans multiple countries. In order to service a broad range of customers and their specific needs, IdenX needs to frequently acquire a variety of data, including demographics, location, language, device characteristics, and more. 

However, finding the range of quality data that they needed was proving tedious, expensive, and time-consuming when they tried going through traditional channels. Finding a centralized data acquisition solution was paramount in order for IdenX to be able to execute quickly and deliver the best results to their customers. That’s where Narrative’s data collaboration platform came in. 

The Solution 

Narrative’s Buyer Studio and centralized data marketplace allows IdenX to quickly and easily purchase numerous data points relevant to their specific customer needs. International coverage provides them the enhanced ability to service a range of clients. They’re able to pick and choose the exact attributes that they want from multiple sources and have it delivered to them all at once. There are no negotiations or contracts required and Narrative takes care of all the processing, so their data engineers can focus on more important tasks.

Narrative Forecasting also lets the IdenX team have a better understanding of available data before making purchase decisions. They’re able to see estimated row counts and costs before they choose to ingest any particular data, so they always stay on budget and make the best informed decisions.

The Results 

Using Narrative, IdenX has effectively automated and centralized their data acquisition. This frees up their time and resources so that they can focus on giving their customers the best service and experience possible. 

IdenX has purchased numerous data points in three to four markets and is able to enrich customer identifier lists as well as buy net-new data points. They are systematically using the vast range of international and national data that Narrative has to offer to their advantage and unlocking access to predictive, data-supported insights.

What IdenX has to say about Narrative:

"Narrative allows us to quickly find, purchase, and aggregate the data that we need for specific projects. The flexibility of their data marketplace allows us to tap into dozens of global data providers without having to be concerned with duplicative data purchases, individual legal agreements with each vendor, and understanding how much data we will receive prior to purchase." - John Baker, CDO

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