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How The Harris Poll builds addressable audiences with just IP addresses

by Narrative, on September 28, 2022

The Challenge

The Harris Poll, part of the Stagwell Group, is a global market research and consulting firm that provides insights and digital tools through data. Harris Poll is one of the longest running surveys in the U.S., tracking public opinion, motivations, and social sentiments. Every year, they poll millions of people on the trends that are shaping our modern world.

However, the data that Harris Poll collects through their survey is limited. They receive an IP address and responses, but know very little about their respondents outside of that. The collection of an IP address only provides them one type of identifier tied to the user. This makes the addressability of their users limited, since they can’t target them with additional media if they don’t have the HEMs and MAIDs.

The Harris Poll needed a way to enrich the data they were collecting in a fast and straightforward way. They needed quality data from one central and reliable source, like Narrative’s data commerce platform, so that they could hone in on their audience without overspending their time and resources. 

The Solution

By using Narrative’s Buyer Studio, Harris Poll has been able to create an efficiently streamlined data acquisition strategy. Using Harris Poll’s own seed list of IP addresses, Narrative is able to classify each of Harris Poll’s IP addresses as residential, find mappings of those IP addresses to HEMs and MAIDs, and increase addressability of these IP addresses by adding new identifiers. 

Narrative’s speedy turnaround times allow Harris to receive enriched lists of their data in less than 24 hours, providing them with the data they need as soon as they need it. With their enriched data, Harris Poll is able to target survey respondents using different channels, such as mobile. This has greatly expanded their insights while also cutting down on data acquisition time and costs.

The Results

Narrative has helped Harris Poll streamline their data acquisition, link their IP addresses to HEMs and MAIDs, increase audience addressability, and do all of that with industry-leading speed. 

Since Harris Poll began using Narrative for data their data acquisition needs, Narrative has shared 11,184,385 unique IDs on all residential IP addresses. For every unique IP address Harris has shared with Narrative, we have matched an average of 18.5 unique IDs to it. Additionally, Narrative’s average residential IP match rate of 65% has helped Harris Poll ensure accuracy and eliminated the need to seek out and negotiate with other data providers. 

Buyer Studio allows Harris Poll to systematically get all of the enriched data that they need without lengthy negotiations or middle-men. Through the automated tools that Buyer Studio offers, organizations like Harris Poll can quickly and easily enrich their data to glean better insights and better assist their clients at rapid speeds without sacrificing quality or integrity. 

Turn around your use case in less than 24 hours with Buyer Studio. Our experts will help you get started!

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