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Introducing Facebook Connector

by Narrative, on August 30, 2022

Buyers can now automatically create Custom Audiences in Facebook Ads Manager from data purchased with Narrative

The Facebook Connector is now live as a brand new app. This connector will serve as a new endpoint for users who want to push data to Facebook's Custom Ad Audience to target individuals from their Facebook seat. The app's high-level flow works very similarly to our S3 connector. Users can install the app, set up a profile as a specific destination, and then select that destination during checkout. 
Using Facebook Custom Audiences with Narrative simplifies the audience creation and uploading process. Users can automatically create Custom Audiences from data purchased through Narrative without having to download any large files to local storage. Users can then target that audience with ads, exclude them from campaigns, or generate lookalike audiences.
To create a Custom Audience, simply provide Facebook with a list of email addresses or phone numbers and upload that list to the Audiences tab in Ads Manager. Facebook will then match that information with Facebook profiles so that you can push content and ads to your customers on Facebook, Instagram and their Audience Network.
The Facebook Connector aligns with Narrative's high-level product theme of being the one-stop-shop for all things data commerce. In a future where there are 20 different connectors on our platform, users will only have to learn Narrative's ecosystem to solve all of their external use cases. Facebook marks the second connector on that journey. 
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