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Narrative's $2.25 Million Seed Round

by Nick Jordan, on April 20, 2017

Modernizes and legitimizes the data acquisition and data monetization stack

The amount of data in the world today is staggering and companies are eager to take advantage of that data to make strategic decisions, such as who, when and how they market their offerings.

Last week Techcrunch announced that Narrative has raised $2.25 million as part of our seed round. While raising money is only part of the journey and not the destination, it would be impossible for us to reach our goal of making the data economy more efficient without the support of our investors. That support goes well beyond the monetary to include strategic guidance, mentorship, and creating a support structure for us as we grow. On behalf of everyone at Narrative I’d like to thank all of our investors for believing in our vision and giving us access to the capital that has given us the opportunity to succeed.

By Nick Jordan
CEO, Narrative