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Simplify audience onboarding and activation with Narrative's The Trade Desk Connector

by Brenna Dilger, on October 27, 2022

Quickly and easily onboard and deliver audiences to The Trade Desk for advertiser activation.

The Trade Desk is the world’s largest independent demand-side platform. Advertisers use The Trade Desk’s platform to run targeted, data-driven digital advertising campaigns across media channels. Data providers can supply additional information and insights to advertisers using The Trade Desk to enable them to fine-tune their targeting of potential customers.

As brands continue to put more of their advertising budgets into programmatic advertising, demand for valuable and unique audience insights grows stronger. In the past, however, organizations who wanted to capitalize on this growing demand for their customer data had to invest in expensive infrastructure or hire teams of data engineers and developers to transform their raw first-party data into addressable audience segments and deliver it to advertisers for activation.

Narrative simplifies and streamlines the entire process. With Narrative’s data collaboration platform and our new The Trade Desk Connector, organizations can slice and dice their first-party data into audience segments and deliver them directly to advertisers on The Trade Desk or make them available for purchase in The Trade Desk’s marketplace. By using this integration, you’ll cut out unnecessary and expensive extra steps, saving time and resources while your data generates a new stream of revenue.

Furthermore, with the partnership between Narrative and The Trade Desk, matching your audience to UID2 identifiers and delivering your data to advertisers is now easier, faster, and more cost-effective than ever. The Trade Desk connector will enable data providers to sidestep pricey intermediaries and match audience segments automatically before delivery. Just use Narrative’s no-code tools to create custom audience segments for your buyers and our integration will automatically take care of matching your first-party data to UID2 identifiers before directly delivering your appended data to your buyers at The Trade Desk.

Seamless delivery to The Trade Desk

The Trade Desk integration through Narrative is the most direct and least expensive avenue to distribute your audiences directly to advertisers on The Trade Desk. You won’t have to go through expensive intermediaries or hire teams of data specialists in order to onboard, format, or deliver your data. Your data is delivered directly to The Trade Desk without any extra hassle or costs.

Expand your reach

The Trade Desk marketplace is a thriving data ecosystem that is rich with advertisers seeking relevant and actionable data. Make your custom audience segments available to current and potential new customers in The Trade Desk marketplace to boost sales and maximize revenue.

Cost-effective onboarding to UID2

Easily enrich offline data with Unified ID 2.0 identifiers without going outside your organization or paying licensing fees. You’ll cut out unnecessary middlemen, save money, and maintain complete autonomy over your data while protecting consumers’ personally identifiable information.

No-code audience creation

Create audience segments that specifically benefit your buyers in the simplest and most straightforward way possible with Narrative’s no-code tools. Business users with little to no technical experience are able to point-and-click their way through a self-service process of uploading data, processing data, slicing data, pricing data, and delivering data to third party endpoints and marketplaces. 

How it works

Check out this interactive walkthrough to see just how easy it is to create and deliver audience segments to The Trade Desk:

Or review the steps below.

1. Upload your data into Narrative’s platform using Dataset Manager

You can find detailed instructions on how to upload your data here or watch our demo video here.

2. Slice and dice your data into meaningful segments using Seller Studio

Create a New Data Stream with Seller Studio and select the dataset that contains your relevant identifiers. At least one of the delivered columns must contain an email, hashed email, phone number or hashed phone number.

Then, apply custom filters to organize your data into the precise audience segments you want.

3. Select The Trade Desk as a channel that your data will be purchasable

Enter the Partner IDs shared with you by your advertiser partners at The Trade Desk. Set the Revenue Share and CPM Cap, which represent the price that will be charged to buyers when they utilize this audience to purchase media within The TradeDesk.

4. Review and activate your audience segment

Once you’ve completed all of these steps and clicked “Activate,” your data will automatically be matched to UID2 identifiers and delivered to The Trade Desk in 15 minutes or less.

To learn more about how to use Narrative and The Trade Desk to monetize and activate your first-party data, speak with our experts.