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Send sample data to prospective buyers with zero cost data streams

by Narrative, on May 24, 2022

Narrative now supports free data streams in its Data Streams Marketplace and Data Shops. This will make it significantly easier and faster for sellers to send sample data to prospective buyers.

Sample data can significantly slow down the data acquisition lifecycle as buyers need to verify the quality of the data and whether their system can intake the predetermined schema before they complete a full purchase. This process has historically taken days or even weeks due to extra master service agreements, custom engineering work, and desperate input and output schemas. Even after all of this work, there is no guarantee that the data will be compatible, which means most buyers have to repeat this process multiple times before finding the right data.

Zero cost data streams solve these problems by allowing providers to publish any subsection of their data for free. Buyers simply find and select their chosen data stream, add it to their cart, and then receive a data delivery within a couple of hours. Each provider's data can be purchased all at once, allowing the data evaluation process to be completed in less than a day. And the best part is neither the buyer or seller are charged for this data exchange.

Zero cost data streams also allow Narrative to pull in free data from external data sources. For example, buyers may want to combine their location data with U.S. Census data. Instead of pulling data off of data.census.gov, buyers can download one of Narrative's many Census data streams for free and use it as an input list to match against when creating a Buyer Studio subscription.

Want some free data? Check out the zero cost data streams available in the Narrative Data Streams Marketplace right now. We’ll be adding more data over the coming months!