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Easily Create and Buy Custom Datasets With Buyer Studio

by Brenna Dilger, on November 17, 2021

Buyer Studio makes it easy to find and buy precise datasets by automating the most time- and labor-intensive aspects of buying data.

Data is the foundation of all decision-making, innovation, and growth for all modern enterprises. The most successful organizations augment their first-party data with valuable external data sources to uncover new insights and gain a competitive advantage.

However, sourcing external data has typically been a cumbersome, time-intensive, and highly inefficient process. Existing solutions alleviate some of these inefficiencies, but do so at the expense of transparency and control over the process, leading to lots of duplicate and unusable data and wasted time and money.

What data buyers need is a tool that automates the most time- and labor-intensive parts of the data buying process while giving them precision and control over what they buy.

That’s why we built Buyer Studio, a self-service, no-code app that enables users of any skill level to find the precise data they need, place a custom order, and have their data delivered directly to the systems they want, all with just a few clicks.

With Buyer Studio, anyone can filter through trillions of rows of data from over 50 suppliers around the world to create and buy custom datasets that meet their specific needs and priorities.


Fast and easy

Buyer Studio was built to make it easy for users of any technical skill level to navigate the data-buying process, without needing to know any code. No longer does buying data require taking valuable time from your engineering team.

The intuitive workflow and non-technical language means anyone can create a custom data order, even your intern that started last week. The entire process also takes mere minutes to complete; you can create and purchase your data order before your morning coffee is finished brewing.

And once you place an order, you don’t have to wait days or weeks to receive the data. Just place your order and it will be delivered to your preferred endpoint by tomorrow morning.

All the data you want

With Buyer Studio, you have access to trillions of data points from multiple data providers at once. You’ll be able to select the exact types of data that you’d like to acquire, including but not limited to geolocation, demographic, purchase, identity, and device data.

Buyers can choose to receive data from every data supplier, only one data supplier, or they can choose their favorites. Concerned you might accidentally purchase the same data from different suppliers? Narrative has your back. You can opt into our deduplication feature to ensure you never pay for the same data point more than once.

Only the data you need

Buyer Studio’s precision filtering options enable users to include only the exact observations they need, and exclude any that they don’t. You can be as meticulous with your data order as you’d like. You could, for instance, choose to purchase only 2,000 rows of data, but the exact 2,000 rows of data that you need based on your precise specifications.

Buyer Studio also ensures that buyers have complete control over how much they spend. With custom budget controls, buyers will never be charged more than the budget they set.

No black boxes

Guaranteed visibility into all suppliers and data points licensed ensures that you know you are receiving quality sourced data. You'll always know what data you’re buying, who you’re buying it from, and how much it is going to cost.


How It Works

1. Start a data subscription or buy on demand

There are three ways to buy data. You can select a subscription from a pre-made Narrative preset, start a subscription from scratch, or buy data on demand.

Narrative presets: These are expert-built bundles with predetermined schemas that have been created to include the most in-demand schemas on the platform. Just select “Narrative Schema Presets” from the left-side menu and find the preset you want to subscribe to.

Custom subscriptions: You can also choose to create a totally custom data subscription by selecting specific individual attributes. To build your custom data stream from scratch, click “New Subscription” and you’ll be taken to a list of attributes that you can choose from. Select the attributes you want and leave the attributes you don’t want unselected.

On demand: If you need data fast but don't want to commit to a yearly contract up-front, you might prefer to buy data on demand. This is a more flexible pricing option that is based on data usage. You can access Narrative's data marketplace at any time, find the data you want, and buy it for one set price. This option is best if you only need data for a one-off project or to test one specific hypothesis without signing up for longterm data acquisition.


pick data stream

2. Apply custom filters & choose your providers

Customize each order by using Buyer Studio’s precision filters to limit your data. Only want data that covers women aged 25-34 in Argentina? No problem! You can adjust each data stream with the exact specifications you need. You can also choose to collect every data point available by simply leaving each attribute filter in it’s default configuration.

Once you’ve customized your selected data streams, you’ll be given the option to buy from all providers or to make specific exclusions and inclusions. Specify which providers you would like to exclude or include in your subscription or simply choose to subscribe to all.

filters and providers

3. Set your destination & budget

Choose where you would like your data to be delivered from a list of our available integrations. You can also choose to have your data delivered to each different endpoint available. Once you’ve made your selection(s), you’ll then be prompted to set your monthly spending limit. You can choose from our most popular budget options or you can enter a custom budget.

destination and budget

4. Complete your purchase

Once you’ve created your custom data order, you are just a few clicks away from receiving your data delivery. Simply enter your payment information, add a name and description to easily identify your subscription, review your order, and click “Activate Subscription.” Your data order will be delivered to your chosen destination in a matter of hours.

Screen Shot 2021-11-17 at 5.27.40 PM

5. Manage everything in one place

You’ll be able to see your transaction history, manage existing subscriptions, and connect with other platforms for direct data delivery all within the app.

manage subscription


Use Buyer Studio to buy data in 1 minute or less

Follow this quick and easy tutorial that walks you through buying data in one minute or less with Buyer Studio:


HubSpot Video


Start buying data the easier way

At Narrative, we strive to make buying data an easy and efficient process through a suite of frictionless, self-service applications.

Buyer Studio provides innovative tools that streamline the process of discovering and evaluating data from multiple sources. Browse and search through trillions of rows of quality data that are ingested daily from our dozens of reliable data suppliers.

It’s never been so easy to select the exact data, budget, and destination you want, and complete a checkout process within minutes. Only subscribe to the exact data you need and none that you don’t.

To get started with Buyer Studio, schedule some time with our team of experts today.

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