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How Froyoo uses Narrative to scale identity graph creation

by Narrative, on June 24, 2022

Narrative makes it easy for companies like Froyoo to link disparate identifiers into one comprehensive profile and centralize their data acquisition strategy.

The Challenge 

Froyoo is creating cross-device digital identity graphs and identity solutions focused exclusively on MENA (Middle East and North Africa), the world's fastest developing regions. They use hashed email, mobile ad IDs, and location data to create robust identity graphs, which are used to help their own customers reach their business goals. 

Before Narrative, Froyoo’s data acquisition strategy relied heavily on one-to-one relationships with suppliers. Since Froyoo’s area of focus is the niche market of Middle East and Africa, they needed to have a good number of suppliers in order to ensure high quality and reliable data. They were spending a large chunk of their internal resources on finding the best suppliers, building relationships with each separate supplier, negotiating prices for each direct purchase, and finalizing multiple contracts in order to obtain the data they needed to run a successful venture.

This outdated process of acquiring data was time-consuming, expensive, and labor-intensive. They were spending thousands of dollars and countless hours to acquire the specific data they needed in a fragmented landscape. Froyoo needed a way to continuously acquire data from multiple sources all at once and all under one contract.

The Solution 

In order to centralize their data acquisition strategy and have access to multiple suppliers all under one contract, Froyoo decided to leverage Narrative’s Buyer Studio. This solution gave them the ability to find and purchase the exact MENA data they needed from multiple providers in a fraction of the time it had taken them previously.  

Using Narrative’s Buyer Studio, Froyoo was able to access trillions of rows of raw data from numerous providers and customize their data delivery to be only cross-device data from the Middle East and Africa. They were able to create a custom monthly data subscription that delivers their MENA identity data to them on their preferred schedule, at their preferred budget, and to their preferred endpoint.

The Results 

Froyoo now has a customized ID mapping data monthly subscription, which provides them an ongoing delivery of mobile devices linked to hash emails in MENA countries. They now have a centralized data acquisition strategy that allows them to focus time and energy on creating the best identity graphs and solutions for their customers. As Froyoo continues to use Narrative for their data acquisition needs and discover new data providers, they are able to grow and launch new and exciting projects. Just last month, Froyoo initiated a new location project, adding geolocation observations to their ID mapping subscription.

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