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How Intuizi Expanded Market Reach and Boosted Efficiency with Narrative

by Narrative, on January 31, 2024

Effective data collaboration and monetization are crucial for businesses seeking to maximize their data's potential in the rapidly evolving digital landscape. Intuizi, a leading provider of anonymized first-party consented geo-location data, faced challenges in integrating and maximizing revenue streams from its vast data assets. This use case explores how Narrative’s revolutionary AI-driven platform transformed Intuizi’s data collaboration and monetization approach.

The Challenge

Intuizi, renowned for its high-quality anonymized geo-location data, encountered several obstacles:

  • Resource-Intensive Integrations: Legal and business complexities made integrations with multiple platforms laborious and time-consuming.

  • Centralized Revenue Stream Management: Managing a multitude of different revenue streams was cumbersome and inefficient.

  • Engineering Resource Constraints: Capitalizing and integrating into diverse revenue streams required significant engineering efforts.

  • Distribution Challenges: Setting up distribution channels was complex, hindering effective data monetization.

These challenges limited Intuizi’s ability to surface insights locked inside its data assets and fully expand its market reach.

The Solution

Narrative’s Data Collaboration Platform offered an innovative solution:

  • Direct Connector Framework: Enabled seamless data transmission to The Trade Desk, eliminating the need for extensive engineering resources.

  • AI-Powered Segmentation: Automated segmentation of raw data, further reducing the need for technical intervention.

  • Efficient UID2.0 Conversion: Streamlined conversion processes, enhancing data usability for clients.

  • Marketplace Endpoint: Authorized data to Narrative's marketplace as an additional revenue stream without extra storage or processing.

  • Data Cleaning and Standardization: Ensured data consistency and quality before delivery, enhancing its market value.

  • Audience Building and Data Transfer: Simplified query writing and data transfer to customer endpoints, broadening market opportunities.

Narrative’s platform provided Intuizi with a comprehensive solution that addressed all aspects of data monetization and distribution.

The Results

The adoption of Narrative’s platform yielded remarkable results for Intuizi:

  • Revenue Growth: A 30% increase in revenue was achieved through direct connections to The Trade Desk, bypassing conventional ad tech middlemen.

  • Market Expansion: Fortune 500 companies discovered Intuizi’s unique ability to find and reach their customers, significantly expanding Intuizi’s client base both within and outside Narrative’s marketplace.

  • Resource Optimization: Reduced reliance on engineering resources allowed Intuizi to focus on core business activities and strategy.

  • Broader Opportunities: Intuizi can now tap into new markets and client segments, leveraging Narrative’s platform to reach a wider audience.

In conclusion, Narrative’s AI-driven Data Collaboration Platform not only resolved Intuizi’s initial challenges but also unlocked new avenues for growth and innovation, demonstrating the transformative power of advanced data collaboration tools in today’s data-driven world.

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