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How to Save Time & Get Clean Data Automatically: Streamline Data Wrangling

by Brenna Dilger, on April 6, 2022

In order to gain a competitive advantage, businesses are acquiring more and more data from a wider variety of sources to inform their decision-making. More diverse and unstructured data requires more time to cull, clean, and organize data—also known as data wrangling—ahead of broader analysis. 

In fact, according to Anaconda’s 2021 State of Data Science survey, survey respondents said they spend “39% of their time on data prep and data cleansing, which is more than the time spent on model training, model selection, and deploying models combined.”

At the same time, with data informing decisions across nearly every business unit, the demand for timely data analysis has also grown.

With increasing demand for data scientists’ analysis and insights, how can businesses reduce the amount of time data scientists spend data wrangling?

Have your data cleaned for you with the latest data technology

What if the external data you received was already formatted exactly how you need it? By freeing up your data analysts’ hours, they’ll have more time to analyze the data you’ve acquired and help create data products that will bring in revenue for your company. 

Data scientists can win back hundreds of hours of productivity, reduce costs associated with errors, and help their organization make well-informed decisions. They just need the right technology to decrease the amount of time spent on data wrangling. That technology is available through data commerce platforms like Narrative.

For instance, Narrative’s Rosetta Stone “translates” data from buyers and sellers so that it can be understood and evaluated by whoever has purchased it, no matter where the data has come from. Data teams won’t have to spend time trying to decipher the data “language” of another company. Instead, Narrative’s software translates data from external sources into the exact format that you need to start analyzing.


Benefits of using a data commerce platform for data cleansing 

Historically, companies have had to accept the reality of “you get what you get” when they are seeking to acquire external data. Data producers or aggregators are often more concerned with saving their own time and money, so data scientists are given acquired external data and tasked with cleaning up the mess. But with Narrative, the data you acquire is already cleaned and deduplicated before it’s delivered to you. 

 Unlock more time for data analysis

Your data professionals will be able to spend more time on value-generating activities as opposed to data preparation activities. Instead of spending the majority of their time cleaning heaps of messy data to uncover the representative sample they need, they’ll be able to spend close to 100% of their time on tasks that will have a valuable impact on your company’s operations and strategy

  Faster turnaround

You’ll have clean data in your systems within a fraction of the time that it usually takes to acquire and then clean it. Instead of waiting days to weeks to have your data science team finish the job, you’ll have your data delivered to you squeaky clean within hours.

  Eliminate human error

You’ll practically eliminate error in your data cleansing when cutting-edge technology is doing the cleaning for you. Your data scientists are the best, but they’re only human. Computers can do a more accurate job than even the best data scientists, ensuring that your organization is only working with correct and quality data. 

How does Narrative clean data for your buying and selling needs?

Whenever you are combining multiple data sources, there are many opportunities for data to be duplicated or mislabeled. Narrative’s software has the ability to fix or remove incorrect, corrupted, incorrectly formatted, duplicate, or incomplete data within a dataset. This ensures that all buyers and sellers are dealing with high-quality and relevant data within the Narrative ecosystem. 

If you are a data provider, all you have to do is ingest your data in its native form into Narrative’s platform and our software will validate, clean, store, and organize your data. Your data will be prepared for you to package into a sellable product, with minimal time and effort on your part. 

If you are a data consumer, you can trust that the data you’re ingesting has been expertly processed by our automated system. Instead of risking ingesting irrelevant or bad quality data from a data broker, you can rest assured that Narrative’s automated platform is giving you clean and standardized data that has been processed by the latest data technology. Once your data has been processed for you, your data scientists and engineers can use that spotless data to perform analyses, glean insights, and generate solutions.

Stop wasting time wrangling data. Get clean data instantly with the Narrative data commerce platform